My Evolution Diary

By Harneet Kaur

Date: 3.2 Million B.C 

Dear Diary,

    Today I ate some fish. I had a pretty good meal. I found out that I have a flat nose. I also saw trees and made a new river bed. It is night time now. I am about to sleep in my new river bed. Good Night, diary...

Date: 1.5 Million B.C.

Dear Diary,

    Today I made some tools. I made them out of bones and stones. They turned out pretty good.

Date: 300,000 B.C.

Dear Diary,

    Today I made some clothes out of whatever I found. I hunted and found some good food. Also, some of us migrated from Africa to Europe and Asia. I was one of them.

Date: 250,000 B.C. 

Dear Diary,

    Today I cared for my sick friend in my tepee (tipi). Sadly, he died later on. I am very sad!  We are going to bury him soon. I am going to pick some flowers for his rituals. 

Date: 100,000 B.C. 

Dear Diary,

    Today I did many things. First, I made some cave art. I love to do art. Then I made a bow and arrow. I hunted with it. Then I went canoeing and fishing. Overall, I had an interesting day!